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Magazine, brochure, hardcover printing

Medium runs of magazine, softcover, hardcover book printing!

You can fully rely on us in case you need to print sheet fed offset no matter whether it is a high quality album or catalogue or an advertising brochure.
Having extensive experience in printing schoolbooks, fashion, travel, tourism and architecture catalogues we can assure the best quality of hard cover and soft cover books as well as that of magazines and brochures.

Heidelberg SM 102–8P max paper size 720×1020, 4+4 or 8+0

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102VP, max paper size 720×1020, 4+0, 2+2

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102V, max paper size 720×1020, 4+0

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-5+L,max paper size 720×1020,5 +coating

Heidelberg Sorm, max paper size 52×72, 1+0


Making your book

Let us give you the best price:
Fill our request form or send us an email with the specifications of you print product to be produced.
Confirm the quantity and any changes to the quote specifications.
Let us know your required schedule for completion as well as packaging and delivery information.

Supplying a PDF file


Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) is our preferred file format, however, very specific settings are required in Acrobat Distiller to generate the PDF correctly. When you create the PDF we prefer 5mm trim marks to be included. If bleed is required add 5mm all round to the trim size.

Proofs for you to check:

Take your time when checking — this is your last chance to find mistakes before your job goes to press
If the artwork was originally supplied as a PDF, changes should be made by you.
Once your proofs are approved we will output direct to plate.

Book manufacturing process

Imposition. Our system places the pages in a certain order and orientation so that when the press sheet is printed and folded, the pages will be in the proper order. We then output proofs, once proofs are approved we output plates.

Printing. The plate is mounted on a cylinder on one of our printing presses. Using a special process involving water and ink, the ink is attracted to the exposed area on the plate. In a rolling motion, the plate passes the inked image over to a rubber blanket, and this blanket presses the ink onto the sheet of paper.

Folding & Collating. These printed sheets are allowed to dry and then go to the folders. For a 32 page section, the folders fold each sheet 4 times.
This makes what we call a section; 1 – 32 page section of the book. A 96 page book will have 3 sections.
Our binding equipment collates these sections together into an unbound book block.

Binding. After the processes mentioned above are finished consequently to your requirements for the printing product we start binding your book. We offer you the following kinds- perfect bound, sewn softcover, hardcover, saddle-stitched.

We hope this gives you a good impression of how your book is being manufactured and becomes your desirable result.

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