Medium runs of magazine, softcover, hardcover book printing!

You can fully rely on us in case you need to print sheet fed offset no matter whether it is a high quality album or catalogue or an advertising brochure.
Having extensive experience in printing schoolbooks, fashion, travel, tourism and architecture catalogues we can assure the best quality of hard cover and soft cover books as well as that of magazines and brochures.

Heidelberg SM 102–8P max paper size 720×1020, 4+4 or 8+0

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102VP, max paper size 720×1020, 4+0, 2+2

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102V, max paper size 720×1020, 4+0

Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-5+L,max paper size 720×1020,5 +coating

Heidelberg Sorm, max paper size 52×72, 1+0